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Ranunculus blooms begin with exceptional roots. Pre-sprouting is key. While early spring crops are resting under a blanket of snow, we are pre-sprouting ranunculus. What is pre-sprouting you may ask?

Let’s start from the beginning. Tulips grow from a bulb. Ranunculus grows from corms. Yep. Bulbs are plump, while corms are shriveled and dry. Corms are soaked for several hours in water until double in size.

Then, they are placed in trays loaded with damp soil and placed in a dark, cool location to sprout. This process take about 2 weeks.

Let’s take a peek at some super-healthy roots. Ready to plant in prepared soil beds.

Ranunculus are late spring bloomers. They prefer cool soil to get established, then bloom before the days get longer and hot before summer. In our temperate zone 5/6, ranunculus bloom in late May to early June. By mid-June, the plant shuts down and stops blooming. That’s it until next year. That’s why ranunculus are included in our Sweet Spring bouquet subscription.

These romantic flowers of spring boast layer upon layer of petals that continue to open in the vase. It’s fun to watch them change from the harvested ‘marshmallow’ stage to fully open flower on your kitchen tables!

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